Anneke Muller

Anneke Muller was born in 1953, nowadays works in education, She says: 'I am not a wellknown biographer, but one who still enjoys the music given by Ann Burton to me and so many others. With help from family and friends, colleagues and other people who knew Ann, I could compose this mosaic. My special thanks go to Clara Mosse. Her love and friendship for Ann inspired me to write Anns life's story. Anns cousin Amnon, his sister Mira and his wife Hilde let me use family pictures and scrapbooks, and without Amnons cooperation and financial support, this book never would have been published.
Anns friends, Mieke van Zoelen and Arnold van der Rhee, who helped me to complete her life story. I was proud and happy when Willem Duys wanted te write the preface. Next I want to thank John J. Vis, Anns producer, who also wanted to be my advisor and attendant whith the ultimate version of BLUE BURTON and Skip Voogd, my editor, for the many times reading and commenting upon the text. At last my husband, Ben Kam, whom helped me with the complete editing of the manuscript.
De schrijfster Anneke Muller
Maybe I have, by writing about her life, brought the often elusive Ann Burton closer to the people.
Ann had two sides, a soft side, which she kept hidden, afraid to be hurt, so she showed her business side in her artists life with a self-conceit, which got her several times into problems.
I can feel that Ann would be pleased with these memories, especially with the smile on the face of the people who read her story. 
Anneke Muller.