Blue Burton is a biography about the life and career of the legendary jazz-singer Ann Burton, written by Anneke Muller. The book finished at the end of the year 1999, can be bought in the bookstore. The dutch version 90-5429-129-X 
can be bought in the bookstore 
Blue Burton door Anneke Muller
Ann Burton started her career as a singer in a quintet in Luxembourg and she started off by singing in the Doris Day style.
Records of Billy Holiday drastically changed her style.Back in Holland she performed in a jazz repertoire with the trio of Frans Elsen.
When Ramses Chaffy founded his “Shaffy Chantant” , Ann Burton was one of the first whom he contracted as a singer. In a long engagement in this group Ann became known at a larger audience.
Her breakthrough came in 1968, working with John J. Vis with whom she made her debute as Blue Burton, accompanied by the trio of Louis van Dijk.
Blue Burton door Anneke Muller
With John Vis she also made the albums Ballads and Burton and Ann Burton sings for lovers and other strangers.
Further success had to wait till 1973, when she went to Japan, which was the land of the rising sun for her, because in Tokio, Ann Burton became the second most loved Jazz-singer, next to Ella Fitzgerald.
Anneke Muller (1953) tried to get the exclusive Ann Burton closer to the public by writing this book over her life. The story also pictures an image of the way in which Ann maintained herself in the roaring and constant changing world of Jazz.