Press aboutAnneke Muller's 'Blue Burton' 
Published by Conserve, Schoorl (NL) 
ISBN: 905429129 X 
With 44 pictures
Ten years ago, Netherland's best loved jazz singer Ann Burton died. Her fans still have not forgotten her. The younger generation, like Frits Landesbergen, Harry Emmery, said: 'When we left her, we had learned something.' Rita Reys: 'We felt when something was wrong with the other and then we put new heart into eachother. Last week Ann Burtons biography was published.
NRC HANDELSBLAD (Henk van Gelder)
Anneke Muller (1953) is the author of Blue Burton, a loving book about the jazz-singer Ann Burton who died ten years ago of breast cancer, in the age of 56. The title was derived from her debute album of 1967. During the presentation of the book, in front of the Dutch 'Jazz-world', also a new republish of this CD was presented at the font.
HET PAROOL (Jeroen de Valk)
Charming frail minutes with Ann Burton.
We must be greatfull to the author and her publisher for this work. Muller has collected a lot of information, while still possible; in a few years the witnesses won't be there anymore and anecdotes will be forgotten.
DE TELEGRAAF (Rene Steenhorst)
Blue Burton is very detailed and became a fascinating description of Burton's life which almost completely was dedicated to the music. A panegyric in which the real Burton fan will see a lot of recognition.
DE VOLKSKRANT (Erik van den Berg)
Burton was an exclusive singer who once enjoyed the same international reputation as todays Laura Fygi or Denise Jannah.
Thanks to the modest pretentions in this collection of memories, pictures and anecdotes, it seems that Muller already booked her first success.
The record firm Sony decided to republish Burton's lp-debute from 1967, added with two never before published songs.
The CD Blue Burton is for sale in shops and is produced by Sony, number: SMM 4967912